Rainbow Six Video Games on Mobile Devices (iOS & Android)

Tom Clancy has fans not only in the literary world but in video gaming world. Known for its covert opt based fiction novels, Rainbow Six first hit the video gaming scene in 1998. Launched for Playstation 1 and Nintendo 64, Rainbow Six was a hit and has subsequently spawned sequels and prequels over the years. Rainbow Six franchise has largely been in the domains of console gamers with limited exposures to PC gamers.

The first sign of Rainbow Six heading to mobile devices was back in 2004, when Rainbow Six 3: Raven Shield was released for cell phones. Very little is known about the mobile phone version of the game, although there are many footages that can be found on Youtube and other gaming platforms.

The first real introduction of Rainbow Six to the mobile gamers was in 2011, when Rainbow Six: Shadow Vanguard was released for both iOS and Android. It was definitely testing the water sort of thing as the game itself felt rushed and half-baked. The game had myriads of bugs and glitches that still plague it to this day.

Surprisingly, the game was received fairly well by the critics but the mobile gamers largely disagreed. Don’t get me wrong, it is definitely playable but don’t expect the typical Tom Clancy experience that you are used to from other video game consoles.

The latest Tom Clancy game was titled Six Siege and was released for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. What this game of 2015 brought into the franchise was a cohesive online play, making it a viable single player and multiplayer game. One of the biggest criticisms of Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six games were how little online gameplay was integrated into it. With this latest revision, that statement can be put to rest.

Android and iOS platforms are both due for another Tom Clancy Rainbow Six game. This time, it needs to stay faithful to not only the novels but to the original games that were so polished and provided lots of exciting gameplays. Call of Duty has overtaken the FPS world as the dominant force but Tom Clancy can penetrate that through the mobile platforms. Who doesn’t want to infiltrate and counter-terrorize your enemies in the world of Rainbow Six right on your iPhone? I know I’m ready for it.

Low-down on the card system of Clash Royale: Top Secrets Revealed

Image Credit: clashroyaletips.net

The card shop in Clash Royale is where you can purchase common, rare and epic cards, treasure chests, gold and then you can also purchase gems. Gems can be purchased with Google Play store credits or by credit card. The Battle deck section includes the deck you use in the game and your card collection. At any time you switch out cards or create two other decks.

In total, you have three decks to work with. You get to upgrade your cards here. In the battle zone, you see your gamer name, your trophies, crown chests and then the arena. Wanna check your achievements? Head to the far right icon and you can find them there. On every tab, there is a type of status bar that indicates your level in Clash Royale, your coins and your gems. All in all, I would definitely say that a 4.5-star rating is accurate to describe just how amazing this game is.

Virtual Families 2 – Making it Rain With Unlimited Money

Something that this game has that I haven’t seen incorporated in any other game is how the game runs in real time. Even if you have your phone off or not using the app your family is still eating, growing and living. In addition Virtual Families 2 Our Dream House is connected to your time zone so when you’re going to sleep your family will also be going to sleep, unless you’re like me then you will see your family already sleeping by the time you go to sleep at 2am. You can easily make it rain for you and your family by using the latest cheats like Virtual Families Help that are proven to work in 2017.

Starting with your beloved single family, you are given the freedom to lead your family anywhere you want. The base of it all happens in your house, where it is filled with rooms and furniture that you can arrange and organize to your heart’s content.